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Nov 22, 2010


You ever wonder what deals pop up at the shop on a everyday basis? Well most of the time, DEALS OF THE DAYS only last a few minutes in our store and all of a sudden its gone from our web shop. So don't blame us for items being SOLD, blame those shoe heads who stay updated on our website and make sure to sniper all the good deals.

Heres a few DEALS that slipped away from A LOT of peoples hands, first come, first serve!

$180 NDS calis

$140 nds rayguns (most of the the time, our worn (excellent) is considered NDS to most)

J-PACKS $120...

not really feelin the new number (n)ines by Converse.

Mr. Temon swung down to bring EDOUCHE an early Christmas present, good to see you again brotha!

Check out Edouches new coffee maker, sh!t goes for like $150 on the market!

$OLD out of RIF BIC Lighters, will RE UP by FRIDAY.

man this dude is just everywhere...right?

nike sb = d e a d

Anyone feeling the new ANODIZED 1s? retails gonna be $150 but grab a ds 9.5 pair @ RIF for $100.00!

Murad mean muggin in his new Sneaker Gods Crewneck, perfect for this cold @SS weather! Too bad it was too small for me :/ Thanks AL for the hookup!

Our good neighbors on 1st Street, Bowls LA swung down to drop off a few sticker packs for the whole staff. Make sure to drop by their store this FRIDAY, heard everything is pretty much HALF OFF?!

just a few sneeky shots of the day:::


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