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Nov 7, 2010


While were waiting for the blog layout to be fully get up and running we thought it would be good to continue our daily blogging instead of waiting. Our friends below came down to Los Angeles to finish up celebrating the San Francisco Giants huge win! These guys make their way down about every 2-3 months just to cop some fresh kicks. They said, "Maybe 1 day Dodgers, 1 day.."

These guys below were being real loud & obnoxious bringing in their goodies for consignment :)

Even this female yorkie was enjoying the odd weather we've been experiencing this past week. Ya'll feel that earthquake the other day?!?

Wheres Juan?

Juan chit chatting with the fellow sneakerheads of socal, and yes thats Jonli in the gray.

SNEAKY SHOTS of the day :::


Manny has some skinny legs ::: Lance Mtn Blazer Sbs

This better be an accident....

Whats the staff up to?

Juan watching the floor, Carl fixing the shoes...

Carl making sure all the heat is look presentable on the floor...

MannyFRESH making sure all the international orders are being taken care of. Those custom forms can be a real B!TCH though.

HEFFE in his stussy trainers sitting in his usual chair, inputting all 40+ pairs we just received today.

Edouche stealing the chair once HEFFE gets up, looks like hes waiting for an important call from an important person..looking all worried! #DONTWUWWY ED!

You don't need to worry about anything if you have those louis vuittons on, along with all the other ones you own, you bastard!

All we ask is COMPARE :) We try our hardest to work with consignment sellers to set the best reasonable price that no one can really beat. If they want some CRAZY HIGH price we send them elsewhere. Don't expect the shoes to wait for you, because once you sleep ... you will regret it. Click HERE for 40 + GOODIES.

Shrimp Tacos and McDonalds sweeeet tee does a body good...

@minhteeeefresh below donated a few pairs for the less fortunate, much appreciated bro!

Heres Little Tokyo LOUIE picking up some AJ 4s somebody donated... ya'll are the ones that help us make a difference in this world...

Smallest things in the world count, picture how much BETTER the world would be if everyone would just take that extra step to help each other. We are blessed to have so many followers, friends, customers, sellers, that find the time to donate a few shoes they have no use for...ya'll are dope.

Willies been down here for 21 years now and his girlfriend about 10 years, GOOD people helping GOOD people.

PS: Doing are HUGE drop off in Skidrow in mid December, hopefully you guys can help :)


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