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Nov 25, 2010


We really do meet a lot of great people at the shop and we are THANKFUL for all of you. Our good friend Ping, who's one of Manny Pacquiao's personal photographers, dropped by and surprised us with a personal gift for the shop. He blessed us with a photograph of Manny Pacquiao that he had personally autographed to RIF LA and another photograph that he personally took during the fight in Dallas against Antonio Margarito.

Check out this one where Ping catches Manny landing a good left one on Antonio, this picture pretty much sums up the whole fight. Great photography Ping and thank you from the whole staff. Time to get all these framed!

We received about 75+ pairs the other day, a little bit of EVERYTHING, Click HERE.

A few sneaker shots of the day, been seeing a lot more jordans popping up on peoples feet everyday. Finally got to see those WMNS AJ 2s that were designed by Va$thie, not too shabby.

Its the MannyFRESH & Juaneats show:

Dam, I didn't know our front bench can turn into a warm comfortable couch overlooking 2nd Street. Dam, too bad Manny kicked this lady off after she burnt up a few CRACK rocks.

Lennard Cupcakes saids, go to JOHNNY CUPCAKES and pick you up one of their many new tees coming out on BLACK FRIDAY. ...and yes we are having a little BLACK FRIDAY SALE of our own, but just 200 pairs and its going to be INSTORE ONLY. We will be posting most of the shoes for the 25TH on our website, just to show you what will be on sale. More details later this afternoon.

Mr. Jan Feliciano stepping up his Air Jordan game with some '85 OG UNOS.

Darryl Duran, man behind SOLESICKNESS came all the way down from Hawaii to finally make a 2nd visit to the shop. Someone can't get enough of LASER IV's.

darryls shot:

WE WILL BE POSTING MORE DETAILS ABOUT OUR BLACK FRIDAY SALE LATER THIS AFTERNOON. Theres about 200-250 pairs of shoes we will be putting on sale for BLACK FRIDAY, just to give back to all of our REAL supporters.


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