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Nov 19, 2010


Our good buddy John SAN came by to bless us with some delicious Japanese Pastries. Not only did he bless the shop with goodies but took it upon himself to bless the less fortunate of LA.

Leading by example. Thanks again JOHN. See you soon bro.

Puffy goodness. Beard PaPa Pastries, if you haven't had one then your doing something wrong. Its located just around the corner from the shop, on 3RD streeeet.

Speaking of goodies, this week we recieved more than 200 pairs of shoe GOODNESS. Not all of them are online but will be in the coming days. DO NOT SLEEP ;P

Halloween is over but these FREDDY Krugar SB's made its way to the shop. And at the price of $600.00 I'd say its not thattttt bad of a deal. What do you think?

Shoe shots of the Day.


Money making KARL in Carhartt SB's, in our opinion one of the most UNDERRATED Sb's of ALL time.

Our Good Friend Franalations came through the shop to chop it up/look around and show his boy from the EAST how we do it in LA.

Be on the LOOKOUT for a Brooklyn Projects sneaker exchange.
More details coming SOON. AND if you haven't subscribed Fran's youtube channel stop sleeping.

click here

Overall a chill yet BUSY Friday. Enjoy your weekend-RIF


Anonymous said...

please give me free shanghais :)

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