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Nov 10, 2010


RIO from LA AVENUE is back again and it looks like he'll be coming almost every month and eventually HEFFEs gonna be going to Japan every month very soon. We PUSHING WEIGHT from TOKYO to LOS ANGELES.


SO we just got FLOODED with tons of good stuff, too much stuff to the point where we don't even put almost everything on the website. Good mixture of USED and BRAND NEW items in all different sizes....stay updated on the website. 49 PAIRS TODAY, Click


Need some elephant print in your life? Well we got that for you ALL DAY @ RIF LA...

Is that what I think it is?!? Is that who you think it is?!?

"You looking @ my shoes?"


Everet throwing up the WE$TSIDE! He made it down from San Diego in 2 hours flat and he made a quick stop...not bad! He'll be holding down the SD store if we ever expand out there.

Why does MURAD always have to look like some kind of cartoon character? This dude looks like a ninja turtle too lol..

This is starting to look like a corner of my bedroom, like I said... we've been receiving A LOT of consignment recently and it'll just get worse in December (worse in a good way!)

PS: Our blog will hopefully be fully up and running by next week. Then everything will be on point like before :) thank you to all of our supporters.


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