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Nov 2, 2010


It was a fun filled Halloween weekend. Met some new customers and old friends.
Our good friend Jon came through today and made sure to purchase a TEE.
Good to see you Jon.


The homie Neiman came all the way down from Las Vegas for some RIF Steals. Enjoy your Dunkles and Dooms. See you soon.

Today marked a monumental day for California. Not only do we relieve the Governator from his position but Proposition 19 (taxation on Marijuana) would either relieve California from a portion of our debt or anger Growers. What side are you on.

Our Korean homie Tai came through with a few goodies. Ed argues it's been the best goodies that has ever been given to us.

TOPOKKI! If you dont know, go to your local Korean market and give it a shot. It a spicy mochi with fish cake! tastes better than it sounds.

It was soo good that it brought a tear to Ed's eyes. he really MISSES the good ol' days

Kim pap.

Goodies are NEVER ending here at RIF. Our good friend Max came through to bless us with Pizza and Chicken. The perfect combination all we needed was a pitcher of beer.
Thanks again brotha!

Pizza Man


We don't only receive Junk Food here at the shop. There are those that read the blog and wanna point us to a healthier lifestyle, like our buddy Pat...He blessed us with some home grown avocados. I bet you never knew that avocados are one of our favorites. Thanks again PAT.

We gave the avocado's to Manny he'll be making his special GUACAMOLE.

Speaking of goodies...we have our shirts here and ready for ALL of you. Feel free to swing by the shop and check them out.

More goodies, new ARRIVALS don't snooze.

Murad is excited for the new ARRIVALS

We also had a few trick or treaters. You know that RIF loves the community and kids.

Carl doesn't know how to handle the situation.

Needs more candy.

Kids ranging from 5-7 were in FULL force ready for GOODIES.

Juaneats handling the situation.

Murad was a little sad that he didn't get candy. All good Murad next time.

We will be receiving a TON of new consignment this week from an OLD consignment seller. Make sure to stay updated on the webshop.


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nice web , definitly i like new look from RIF site .


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