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Aug 23, 2014

Fall / Winter 2014 Part 1 Preview

On Saturday, August 23rd, we will be releasing the first collection
 from our Fall / Winter line.  Below, you can see the preview for the
multiple designs and colorways that we plan on releasing.

Monogram Tee

Globe Tee

Black Panther Tee

Shield Tee

-334 A

Aug 20, 2014

Fall / Winter 2014 : Part 1 Lookbook


We are pleased to release the Lookbook for Part 1 of our 
Fall / Winter 2014 season.  Below, you can see some of the 
colorways / designs that will be releasing in-store at RIF DOS 
on Saturday, August 23rd.   Each short-sleeve shirt will retail 
for $28 and long-sleeve shirts will be $32. 

Reinforce Rat Tee

Short-Sleeve Shield Tee

Short-Sleeve Shield Tee 

Black Panther Tee

Close-Up of Black Panther Tee

Black Panther Tee

Globe Tee

Close-Up of Globe Tee

Globe Tee

Long-Sleeve Shield Tee

Long-Sleeve Shield Tee

Monogram Tee

Stay tuned until Friday, at 12pm PST, when we will be posting the official
colorways / design previews for Part 1 of Fall / Winter 2014.


Feb 28, 2014

No Surprise

February has come and gone in the blink of an eye, and both
 of the shops have been extremely busy every day.  Even though
 February is a short month, it was definitely surprising to see just 
how fast it went by.

And for some of us, February couldn't have ended sooner
 due to the annual holiday of Valentine's Day.
As you can see, we felt like #SADBOYZ on that fateful day.

The KAWS Passing Through companions definitely recreate the scene of RIF staff when February 14th came to and end.

Speaking of a quick month, the homie G$'s scooter is one of the fastest forms of transportation to hit the RIF block as of late.  

Congratulations to the homie ScHoolBoy Q on the release of his album Oxymoron.  Be sure to pick up your copy haven't already and give it a listen.

The Jordan wall of the shop is looking very full, be sure to check the website for all the new arrivals that are brought in on a daily basis.

Below, you can catch a glimpse of the Foamposite section of the shop as well.

It's not too often that a pair of OG AJ 1's comes into the shop in a decent and wearable condition, so it's definitely no surprise that one of the RIF staff was fiending this shoe... Any guesses as to who?

The man, the myth, the legendary fiend Jonli (better known as ILNOJ) decided to jump on this pair of OG's.  Nice pickup!

Have you gotten your pair of the latest hyped-up release from Nike SB?  
The Diamond Dunk High definitely did not disappoint sneakerhead's and seemed to appease the appetites of everyone ranging from OG's to the newest kids collecting.

I must admit, these aren't TOO bad...

Speaking of hyped-up releases, take a look at these Red October Air Yeezy 2's.  

Finally, here's a little preview of what we have in store for the future...  
Looks like RAEKWON decided to stop by the RIF block for a little photoshoot, more details to come on this in a few weeks.

That's all for this month folks, be sure to tune in to the blog
next week as we slowly replenish the amount of blog posts that will be coming.

Until then, have a blessed weekend and keep pushing weight.


Feb 3, 2014

Isaiah Rashad Meet & Greet

This past Friday RIF had the pleasure of hosting TDE's very own Isaiah Rashad to celebrate the recent release of his EP, Cilvia Demo.  There was a very nice turnout for the event with over 500+ people in attendance and we'd like to thank everyone who stopped by.

TDE merchandise was available for only two hours and just about every item was sold out by the end of the night.

Take a look at the Cilvia Demo Tee.

Manwell and Cris were running the door all night to ensure
that the fiending was kept to a minimum.

It's always good to see people from all different walks in life
supporting what you do, S/O to all the KIDS that stopped by to support.

The line stretched around the RIF block.

Isaiah Rashad took a few hundred photos with eager fans throughout the night.

It was good to see the support for the TDE movement was alive and well in LA, as it should be.

The homie MagaƱa stopped by.

In the beginning of the night the scene was not TOO crazy, and the TDE and RIF crews were able to keep steady control of the event.

 However, an hour later RIF was filled to capacity with a ton of people.

It was definitely a memorable and fun night at RIF with the TDE fam.

Isaiah was busy signing CD's all night for his dedicated supporters.

S/O to Jay Rock for stopping by.

S/O to SZA for stopping by as well.

S/O to Ab-Soul as well.

S/O to Dave of TDE as well for helping organize the event and also a big thank you
to Isaiah Rashad for having his meet and greet at RIF.

The last picture of the night featuring the TDE attendees. 

Until the next RIF x TDE event..

We will be updating this blog once again as well announcing the future plans for our brand new website that will be launching soon.
Have a blessed week.