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Aug 31, 2010

LA Ave X Karl Hab X RIF.

All of you are wondering what La. Ave and Napsize are. You see links all over our webshop, and what seems to be another store. Well let us SHOW you our other shop rightfully named La. Ave. Thats right we have shops WORLD WIDE. We recently moved from Kichijoji, Tokyo to HARAJUKU Tokyo only the best shoe shopping district in the world.
Thanks to our boy KARL HAB, he recently made a trip to Japan and paid a visit to our shop in Tokyo and took a few pics. Enjoy
inventors and innovators
one stop shop for your sneakers and g-shocks.
Stussy X Stussy
Busy P.
Best of the best.
Take your pic.
One of our personal favorites.
Sneaker madness and not just Jordans and dunks. Japan has the largest selection of New Balance and Adidas.
La. Ave Pen Holder. Step up your pen holder game.
dunks and more dunks.
Leave your SB's at home step up your CO.JP game.
wall of fame.
Never forget our Japan shop ships all over the U.S.A.
Wall of Fame.


The homie DIJI came to the shop and kindly asked if he could film a short music video. ALL good Homie... We at RIF believe everyone deserves a chance to be successful in life no matter what venture you wanna partake in.

If you wanna take short videos in the shop we support you, if you wanna take a few pictures...please be our guest.

RIF believes in helping good people...especially if they support Los Angeles.

Peep the video.
Aug 30, 2010

RIF everryyyyythannng.

Mudouche Rocking the new RIF Piece made of 100% Plastic and Steel. Our boys over at WE Customs dropped this off for Jeff and Murad was soo hyped that he wants his own.

If your interested in your own customer piece look over the webshop and hit them up and create your made to order peice.

monday funday.

Went through the a few of our old pics. Can you believe its been almost 4 years since RIF opened its doors here Stateside from Japan. These shots were taken the 1st day we opened the shop.

If you've been to the shop recently you know that we have 5X the amount of shoes now then before.

WE want to have 10X more shoes so come keep shipping and coming in with MORE shoes!
Can you see the Tiffany Dunk SB? We had 4 pairs in the shop for $210.00 each. Those were the good days.
Speaking of Tiffany SB's can you see what's wrong with this pic?
and whats wrong with this pic?
Nothing wrong with this pic. Murad is Finally growing up.
This customers pockets are grown up. Nice Parra's brotha.
The Shoewolf's pockets are definitly full grown
Speaking of Shoewolf...thanks for the burgers brothaaaa...I dont even remember the last time I ate an IN-N-Out burger. Delicious.
Art and Shoes? Im not much of a fan of Louis Vuitton but Kanye X Louis Vuitton is DEFINITELY a must have for those that can afford them.

The overall silloutte and bold colors. Not bad at all.

If you guys have been following our blog the past 3 years. Then you would remember these Frenchman Loufuck ...they always make it to Southern California to compete in the "World of Dance" held yearly in San Diego CA.

This year they made top 3.

Congrats LOUFUCK.
They were looking for some gear so we pointed them across the street to our Boys Shop across the street to ARCHRIVAL.
Ed teaching Murad some RIF basics. Teach an intern to fish...Ed chills for a lifetime.

We see limited items all DAY. Not only shoes but phones. Didn't know white Iphones were out yet.

Our good friend that works for Apple up north came in today and showed us his new toy.
He's had this phone even before the black version was released. But he didn't wanna get into an "accident" at work.

Good to see you bigZ

"all white they call it John Mc Cain..."

Have a blessed week...no rest in hard work.
Aug 29, 2010


These were part of the Brazil Dirty Money Pack, which included a Dunk Mid and these Dirty Money Blazers below.


Franalations happen to come down a couple days ago and while he was copping a pair of OG XII's, he spotted the DIRTY MONEY Blazer big chillen in the back, so he asked if he can do a quick sneaker review and of course we didn't mind.

We had a handful of sample sbs come in and out of the store, but these blazers have to be one of the top picks in my book.

Check out Frans other sneaker reviews and videos! Thanks Fran!

Aug 26, 2010


Its almost the weekend...Manny and Homie Brian are excited. (pause)

Deal of the day...didnt even make it on the sales floor. $160.00 SHOEWOLF always showing LOVE. $ORRY $OLD.

Instead of letting them sit here in the shop he decided to on making them door busters.

Thats Right.

Its's aways a nice to see a DEADSTOCK pair of Original Pair of Jordan Heat. When Original Jordans come with a BOX thats intact...thats even better.

Deadstock 9.5 Sacremento X's DONT SLEEP.




Speaking of Jordan Heat...we recieved more than 45 pairs of Jordan's ALL DEADSTOCK ALL with VERY COMPETITIVE PRICES.

Can you see the steals.

Double Trouble Running shoe heat. Fiber Ops X Urawa

Jeff's Favorite pair of Shoes. He has more than 7 pairs on rotation. SMH.

A hard days work isn't complete with a few refreshments to keep us working hard for you.

Manny Fresh decided that we wasn't DOWN with plain non sweeten'ed ice-tea anymore. So decided to drive to Mc Donalds to copp 99 cent SWEET TEAS. TOO SWEET for me.

MIKE from Braveheart came through to drop off some more GOODIES. When are you gonna take the RIF crew out?!? We never get tired of PORTO's. It's CRACK in the form of a Pastry with Cream Cheese inside.


Another URAWA for the day. Never get's OLD.

We asked Ed... "why the F$CK do you ALWAYS wear those HIDEOUS sandles to work ALL the time"

He said " Dude these are the manliest slippers out...VISVIM... If JESUS Christ was alive he would be wearing these same sandles."

Right after he said that we took a picture of him and he was floating across the room! WTF. WILD.

Another SKETCH from our BOY Simon. Thanks again man. Look what happend to MANNY after hanging out with us too much.. looks asian now.

"Good People HELPING Good People" -RIF