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Aug 8, 2010


Homie George Coloney comes all the way from Florida and visits the store at least once a year. This is the dude who broke my neck today and I can't believe hes only 14 years old!


I was telling him it wasn't safe to walk around the streets of Los Angeles with a signed UNDFTD IV in his backpack. Thats like walking around with about $5,000+ in your backpack.


Do you see the difference?

Guess who we caught chillen on our bench with a pair of fresh PF flyers and a fresh black mamba tee...

Oh, its just big Willy whos big chillen on our RIF bench. To go with his fresh tee and kicks, he added the marijuana bandana to help bring our the yellow on the tee.

Manny told him to do another pose, but all he did was smile a little harder and moved his right foot back.

Homie Willy has been a member of the homeless community of Skidrow since he was 21 years of age. How and hell can you survive that long in the streets of Los Angeles?

Check him out trying to BLACK MAMBA this lady on the right....

August is finally here and we've been receiving a large amount of fresh kicks EVERYDAY. Before you fall asleep... C L I C K HERE for greatness. ( 43 pairs today )

RIF staff, Juan and Manny made it out to Kendrick Lamars show lastnight @ the Roxy. Word on the streets is TDE burnt the house down. We'll be attending Kendrick Lamars next show he has with GZA.

People ask us everyday, "What do you guys use to clean your shoes?". Well to answer all of your questions, we use BABY WIPES. Shoes are like our babies, so we need to be very gentle when we clean them. Any baby wipes work, but make sure they are UNSCENTED.

-334A member #1


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