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Aug 5, 2010


Aj 1 OG's is ALWAYS a pleasure to see. We understand its a sought after shoe for any shoe collector. We respect those that ROCK heat instead of keeping them "icyyyyyy" in dark closets.
C'mon shoes are meant to be worn.

The homie Footaction Bryan came through today to drop FEW Infrared AM90. If you haven't picked up a pair then make sure to hit up your local Footactions, Foot Lockers etc. these shops have been re-releasing the infrared's all week.

Not only did he drop off Infrared's but was cool enough to drop off some chili fries topped with some quality pastrami from Lucky Boy in Pasadena. More like FATTY BOY, arteries definatly got a little clogged this afternoon.

Right after Bryan Left...it was a blessing in Disguise...the Homie Carlos dropped off some desserts. We're Blessed...thank you guyyss

More desserts... the homie John always shows us Love. Thanks for the snacks bro.


medicom tres

WHAT THE DUNK: 32 pairs of sb lows in ONE!

Soon Jordans with the Nike Air will be EXTINCT, so get your wearable pairs now before you miss out.

...and another one bites the dust

Just Pudge, rolled through and decided to make us a new BLOG banner. Thanks Pudge.

Christian stays keepin it UNDFTD...

RIF Black Mamba X Visvim Pack

Speaking of VISVIM.... A few FBTs came in, too bad they are both size 11 and they run a whole size bigger.


The Montes bros came to the shop to show us a few goodies they been sitting on for years....more like the SHAQ and Kobe years....

A basketball signed not by the 2010 Champs but those associated with them. (pause)

Stu Lantz, Rick Fox, Bryan Shaw, Bryan Russell, Gary Payton and Phil Jackson.

Extremly Limited.(pause)

Not only did they recieve the ball... but when they asked for SHAQ's autograph...he didnt sign the ball but threw them a game worn sock. (pause) Thats an ankle sock your looking at by the way!!!

Align Center

you know what they say about men that wear big socks. (pause) - ed

what? - jeff

they end their careers in Boston, can't wait to see Bynum own Shaq this season! - ed
The Homie Willie came by today not in his Ferrari, not the Benzzz, but the Maserati. SMH

We never knew resellers made soo much cake...Give us one of your cars bro.

Mustard on the insides. ooooweeee!

Shoes on the outside, mustard in the inside.
You can see 60+ pairs of consignment we received TODAY. Click HERE.

If your not yet following us on TWITTER. Make sure to follow us for UPDATES. Were going to start utilizing our twitter to give out free gear and shoes! Stay updated.


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