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Aug 9, 2010


Nike's running shoe game has certainly stepped it up. With the creation of the free sole, lunar and now the free-motion Nike in our opinion has the most comfortable running and running type shoes ever.

If you dont own pair of nike running shoes, then your definitely missing out. Step away from your Dunk SB's and Jordans for a bit and try something new, you wont be disappointed.

Peep these up and coming samples. - pics courtesy of nicekicks

For those looking for a pair of AJ 13 Flint Re-Retros and willing to pay a little more, then make sure to hit up the RMK store. Although you'll be paying about a hundred dollars more than retail. You won't have to deal with lines and most importantly you can show off infront off all your friends!

Random pic of our personal favorite "lifestyle" shoes. NumberNine Converse. SOO iLL, that your Boy Edouche had to double up and JEFF had to Quadruple up.
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