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Aug 23, 2010


Our newest consignment seller, Mr. LOVE dropped off almost 50 pairs of kicks a few days ago and 90% of them are size US 13 and all brand new condition. For all the customers we get saying we never have size 13 in, well here is your chance. A few pairs have already flew out the store, but hey there might be something in this batch that may catch your eye.

Reasons why we barely have size 13:

1. Nike usually only makes 1 size 13 for a size run in any limited shoe, that goes for SB too.

2. Most shoe heads that are size 13 never sell their shoes because they know they'll never find them again.

3. A lot of shoes do circulate from Japan, and guess what? NOBODY IS A SIZE 13 IN JAPAN.

-334A Member#1


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