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Aug 10, 2010


Good Tuesday. When was the last time you saw a AJ '99 4 sz. 12 DEADSTOCK with an ICY Bubble?

Well a few days ago the homie Edgar brought these gems in and finally wanted to give these sneakers a new home. When he decided to part with them he decided that the new owner should pay a FAIR market price for them. So instead of charging upwards of $500.00 he decided that $375.00 was a FAIR price for both Edgar and the new owner.

Low and behold, MR. San Dimas AKA the bus driver came in with CASH ready in hand.

For those wanting Picture Request and didnt recieve them sorry, but they were probebly sold out by the time we were sending you the pics.

ICY Bubbles.
The BUS Driver. You Mad? 50/50 chance. People risk everything for what they love, so this guy is risking a 50/50 chance that these may crack. If they do crack then this picture below will be the BEFORE picture, we shall wait for the AFTER picture!

What he wore today. Staying fresh in his OREO AJ4 Retro.
The Homie Trevor Sampson from Yakima, Washington and Jackson Marquis came through the shop this afternoon and chopped it up about the sneaker scene in the state of Washington. It's always nice to meet sneaker heads from around the US and around the globe.

Nice meeting you guys...see ya'll soon.

Sneaker head Julian and his cousin... its always good meeting honest and hardworking kids that arn't thieves...Good seeing you both stay outta trouble or we'll kick both your asses.

Peep the homie Julian's Blog here. Pretty entertaining coming from a highschooler.

What they wore today.

Need Foamposites? check the RIF Basketball section you wont be disappointed. HERE

RIF Random shots


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