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Aug 18, 2010

all red, everything.

Some shoes fly under the radar. I remember when these released these shoes the same time as the Send Helps Dunk SB's. I haven't seen Edouche wear a pair of SB's other than his Janoskis. Today he decided to rock his "speak up, stand up" FC's such a clean silloette. Don't know why Nike SB decided to discontinue this model and keep others.

Zoom Team Editions anyone? GTFO

The anti-racisim campaign continues and Nike SB releases the black and white Zoom FC as a part of that. They both have the ‘Speak Up Stand Up’ embroidered on the heel panel- courtesy of hypebeast
The homie Bobby Lee came by today, he's been shopping at RIF for years and today we finally decided to take pics of him. Such a funny dude.Murad wanted a picture for himself... with just bobby and and himself. He decided to take the picture, "couple " style pointing the camera up in the air. Nice Flick Murad.

Even the homie Karl wanted a pic... Murad felt stoopid from the last pic so he jumped in.

All Red Everythanggg. Murad in Loafers, Bobby Lee in Red Vans Slip On's, Manny in Red Chukkas.

Closer Look at MURAD's Loafers. "Now kick your feet off the chair and get to work"- Jeff

Ed was wondering why we had Murad take a picture of this American Apparel ad...(minutes after he updated the blog, I left a little surprise for him on here.) Look below this picture!

Ed would of easily replaced this little kid below!

Today we decided we needed a new camera for the shop. Not only for the new arrival shoes but for quick snaps of the day for the BLOG. Even comes with a TRIPOD that we will never use.
Manny Laughing at the wall by himself.
Were deciding to take a a little break from eating complete meals during the day. We decided for the remainder of the week to strictly eat Japanese Snacks.

Murad GTFO of the picture.

Caramel corn for an after snack... snack tastes like caramel coco puffs.
Speaking of snacks the homie JOHN came in with our FAVORITE snacks of all TIME!

BIG ISLAND Short Bread cookies.
Individually wrapped for maximum goodness.
Deadstock about to be UN-deadstocked. If you havent tried these cookies do yourself a favor and order some. You won't be dis-appointed.

We leave you with a small clip of BOBBY Lee.



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