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Aug 30, 2010

monday funday.

Went through the a few of our old pics. Can you believe its been almost 4 years since RIF opened its doors here Stateside from Japan. These shots were taken the 1st day we opened the shop.

If you've been to the shop recently you know that we have 5X the amount of shoes now then before.

WE want to have 10X more shoes so come keep shipping and coming in with MORE shoes!
Can you see the Tiffany Dunk SB? We had 4 pairs in the shop for $210.00 each. Those were the good days.
Speaking of Tiffany SB's can you see what's wrong with this pic?
and whats wrong with this pic?
Nothing wrong with this pic. Murad is Finally growing up.
This customers pockets are grown up. Nice Parra's brotha.
The Shoewolf's pockets are definitly full grown
Speaking of Shoewolf...thanks for the burgers brothaaaa...I dont even remember the last time I ate an IN-N-Out burger. Delicious.
Art and Shoes? Im not much of a fan of Louis Vuitton but Kanye X Louis Vuitton is DEFINITELY a must have for those that can afford them.

The overall silloutte and bold colors. Not bad at all.

If you guys have been following our blog the past 3 years. Then you would remember these Frenchman Loufuck ...they always make it to Southern California to compete in the "World of Dance" held yearly in San Diego CA.

This year they made top 3.

Congrats LOUFUCK.
They were looking for some gear so we pointed them across the street to our Boys Shop across the street to ARCHRIVAL.
Ed teaching Murad some RIF basics. Teach an intern to fish...Ed chills for a lifetime.

We see limited items all DAY. Not only shoes but phones. Didn't know white Iphones were out yet.

Our good friend that works for Apple up north came in today and showed us his new toy.
He's had this phone even before the black version was released. But he didn't wanna get into an "accident" at work.

Good to see you bigZ

"all white they call it John Mc Cain..."

Have a blessed week...no rest in hard work.


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