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Aug 21, 2010


Everyone stays rockin fresh heat on a Saturday, especially when they know they plan on coming to the store. Shouts to everyone who let us snap some pics of their personal heaters.

Met some REAL cool shoeheads holding down San Diego, hope to see yall soon.

It kind of looks like these guys are both holding the box right?

I haven't seen anyone rock viotech trainer iiis for a minute now, but our good friend Matt by rockin em....2 fresh. We happen to have 2 pairs instock now 9.5 & 10!: Click HERE.

probably one of the best sbs that came out as a blazer: the red supreme blazer

wmns white/khaki ivs...

Couple SNEAKER SHOT of the day:

net yeezys...huf sb highs

and another one...

I think it might be that quilted black leather thats really making me want another pair...

What shoes do you want to see on our next Business Card Flyer thing? Let me guess, a pigeon dunk? Flom dunk?

Our do you want our friend Willy on the flyer?


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