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Aug 3, 2010


Today the homies Chad and James came by today to give us some free promotional goodies. Not just any goodies...but goodies for the best summer movie ever! EXPENDABLES

If your a man its mandatory for you to watch this flick. It should be on your todo list.
If you haven't heard about this movie click the following link( EXPENDABLES)
Murads new Blouse...kinda looks like a Neighborhood shirt. I think I would actually wear this shirt to sleep
Free Movie Posters is ALWAYS a good look.
The homie Justin came in a showed us his new business venture. Coming from a good job and starting your own business from scratch is always respected. Who wants to work for someone not me.

peep his site. MBARQGO
"living on his feet, not dying on his knees."
Jeff already has his guap inside a new wallet.
Edouche is feeling this man case.
staying innovative.
The homie John came in today to bring a few pairs of shoes on consignment. This one stood out the most. Remember when the asian community got salty about the character on the tongue?

Who gives a FUHhhh.. why are people so sensitive? We thought it was pretty funny. Actually now that we think about it we might make a new RIF shirt.

reeeshelllerrrar on the back -RIF logo on the front?
what do you think?
what jeff ate for lunch. Spitz salad is always a winner.
handsome rob making moves.
What murad wore. Fake denim medicoms
Murad in his 2XL supreme Tee. and size 27 levis.
Jeff had these babies on in the morning when he came to the shop. Air Footscape Motion.
Then as the day progressed he decided to Un-Deadstock a pair of AJ 99' IV's
The homie Justin came all the way from Hawaii chopped it up about sneaker scene in Hawaii, copped a pair of Huarache Burst and RIF Tee.

Nice meeting you J T Justified. See you soon bro.

Sneaker shots for the day.

Barracuda X Stefan Janoski. CLASSY
speaking of gifts. The Homie Kevin came through this afternoon looking for a pair of kicks for a Power Balance Party he had to attend this evening. He wanted a pair of kicks to break Brandon Jennings neck. Hopefully those Olympic Dunks do the job.

Jeff and his GOONS.
If your ever looking for fresh gear dont forget to peep our boys shop across the street or peep thier shop at thearchrival.com

Ed just got his Chubby-boob X Archrival shirt in. You cant be mad at free Tee's especially if its a dope Tee.
Edouche can't stop looking at his new TEE.

Have a nice evening and remember.RIF LuHs you.


arbeeezy said...

Any '99 AJIV's in a size 11 - 11.5 for sale at the shop or does Jeff buy them all lol

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