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Aug 24, 2010

thank you.

Everyday we're surprised with gifts and to be honest we NEVER ask for anything. From food to sneakers we're graced with your appreciation. Today was NO different.

Instead of receiving JUNK mail from the post OFFICE. Jeff received these BABY Jordans with the OG box.

Size 2
Murad is licking the bottoms.
Cracked but still wearable.
The BEST GIFT EVER. Our Boy Simon ALLLLL the way from London ENGLAND. Sent us these painted portraits of RIF STAFF.

The SIMILARITIES of the pictures and us are UNCANNY. ALMOST SCARY.
Jeff and Manny
The pictures connect to one huge portrait. TOO DOPE.
Even the back of the pictures have our favorite shoes in since Ed doesnt like sneakers. He drew the FRAGMENT Logo.


Simon Lee said...

my pleasure, glad you like em!......one thing, I love London and England an all but I am in Cardiff, Wales....
I thankyou.
see you fella's soon. safe. si

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