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Aug 17, 2010

think green.

Today was another fantastic LA Tuesday. We put in our work for the afternoon and decided to take a 5 minute break( actually Jeff stayed and worked as usual) and walk to the Japanese Market at the Weller Court. Marukai Market not to be mistaken for Najiya Market across the street.

We walk to the Bank of The West all time, but we never take the time and walk around and enough what this part of LITTLE Tokyo has to offer.

Below is the "Friendship KNOT"

This Friendship Knot sculpture by Shinkichi Tajiri is in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles.

To the right a pleasent water fountain, where Ed can smoke and throw his cigarette butts into.
"Little Tokyo has quite a few public sculptures and artwork, including a monument to Astronaut Ellison S. Onizuka, a Japanese American from Hawaiʻi who was a mission specialist on the Space Shuttle Challenger when it exploded duringtakeoff in 1986" - wikipedia
After hitting the market we bought a few goodies and decided to chill and relax a bit. Manny Decided to get some Yan Yan Snacks.
Murad decided to snack on a 6 inch melon bar( pause)
After chilling for a bit we headed back to the shop to see the homie NIMA. We came by to chill for a bit and we talked a little about the quality of JORDAN brands new releases.

Can you believe that his DEADSTOCK CDP 4 straight out of the box CRACKED on NIMA?
NOT 99 AJ 4's but CDP 4's

Nima next time invest a little more money for a wearable pair of 99 AJ 4's
The Homie CHAZ came by picked up a check and decided to DONATE a bag full of shoes for SKID ROW. Thanks again CHAZ
Good Things happen in 2's Mark and his LADY came through right after CHAZ and instead of taking OUT a BRAND NEW pair of CDP 19's...they decided to DONATE TO skid row.

CHAZ and MARK are perfect examples of good people helping the less fortunate.
thanks again GUYS.
After the RUSH ..we decided to feast on something other than Japanese food. We needed a rest from Chili Fries so we decided to grub on SPITZ "street fries" DELICIOUS and you dont feel like $hit after.

We decided that the "green" is in FULL force...from hybrid cars, ethinol powered appliances, and recycled textiles. GREEN is the way to go. If your not thinking GREEN then your not "with it"

We were looking at replacing our infamous bench that sits just outside our shop to something "GREEN"
Our current bench is made of polyurethane, and for some reason its ends up in Pacific Ocean, RIF wouldnt know what to do with ourselves.

this was our new option, what do you think? cast your vote by replying to this post.

remember RIF LUHHSSSsss you.


K. Stone said...

Blue pillows look green to me.

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