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Aug 14, 2010


Shouts to the homie Drew for the favor....another 1 to add to the coLLezione..

When Heffes on the computer, hes 100% focused on working, so we manage to tie a bandanna around his head! Keepin it gangsta!

When Edouche is on the computer, you would think hes working hard, but hes just dickin around on other blogs wasting time.

Shouts to Saam for the visvims...

Homie Anthony blessed the RIF staff with some delicious Portos, we are blessed to meet nice people that later become our friends.

Thanks ANT!

Remember when Joel came down and surprised Jeff with his long lost love, which was a pair of Iversons he had back in 6th grade. Well Joel came down today to contribute to our next batch of donations for Skidrow. Thanks a lot brother, we need more people in this world with big hearts.

Random dude who didn't know he was beating around some '99 IV's...

Jeff just got in another pair of baby jays in the mail today...

Jeffrey Malabanan who got interviewed by Channel 5, remember?

KARL always putting in some work....

Lee bros stay stacking the beamers just like their shoe boxes!

random sneaker shots!


4 rings, 1 more to go...

black laser ivs> white laser ivs
Ed mackin super cougar style!

At first I thought they were taking a picture to see who was darker, but then I thought they were trying to see who had more hair on their arm, but it was just their watches.


Right Karlo Malabanan?

This is how low Manny needs to bend over when he answers the phone.

This made EVERYONES day, maybe the whole sneaker community's day. ATTENTION, the infamous and iss finest, JONLI has grown up and chopped his hair off!

He was saying, ever since he cut his hair off, hes more ready to take pictures now!


Its Nisei week in Little Tokyo, can't you tell?

They even had different bands playing the Little Tokyo Plaza.

Juanito, Jonli, and Mudouche checking out the Nisei crayze!!!


They got a few complimentary tees from BOWLS, gooooooooooood guys!



Fine Mudouche, you can have a solo picture at the end of this blog post, you cunt!

If your free tomorrow, don't miss the yearly Nisei Parade in Little Tokyo.


Martin said...

Is that a rif new era i see??
I want one! BAD!

Martin said...

Is that a rif new era??
I want one! Bad!

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