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Aug 7, 2010


Another splendid afternoon here in Los Angeles. We heard from the little tokyo grape vine that a new boutique opened up and we took it upon ourselves to take a little field trip a block away to first street and get acquainted with our new neighbors.

Walking through the little tokyo plaza is always refreshing. Everytime we travel through the plaza we always discover something new.

Looks like a new towers' been raised.
Sushi BOWL Heaven. Just like in Japan, pictures for the menu ususally cover store fronts. In this case the entire store front has pictures of every single entree. crazed.
Confused?, I would be.
What would little tokyo be without a Hello Kitty Store. Murad decided that he needed a new wallet for himself. (pause)
Nice wallet MURAD. (pause)
Edouche gives you the stone face. SMH
Nijiya worker gives you the stone face too.
Even Godzilla gives you the stone face Murad.

Did you know that more than 75% of Japanese people are Buddist? Nestled between two gift shops whatdaya know a Buddist Temple.
Walking down First Street.
Our Destination. BOWLS LA

BOWLS is an upscale lifestyle boutique situated in the heart of the Little Tokyo District of Downtown Los Angeles. Our mission is to provide our customers with hard-to-find and limited goods that are unavailable at traditional chain stores.

The BOWLS motto of “blurring lines” incorporates different aspects of our lifestyle and introduces consumers to a blend of unique and eclectic products they may have never new existed. Whether it is apparel, lifestyle goods, or motorcycle parts, we hope to expand the boundaries of our clientele by providing urban products for the next generation of like-minded consumers.

A great selection of clothing, BMX Bikes, and Rukus Motor cycles.
great variety of jacket and shirts from todays leading streetwear brands.
Need Shirts.
picture from their office space.
need Ruckus parts? they have that too.
great display and combination of street wear accessories and motorcycle parts.
more BMX
What a great office set up. Do you have turn tables in your office?

Not only do they have motorcycles, BMX bikes, and clothing but they have a huge skateboard deck collection.
Behind the scenes.

Kid Robots.
Until next time BOWLS, Welcome to the neighborhood.
IF your ever by RIF make sure to stop by BOWLS on 1st Street. You won't be disappointed.


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