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Aug 7, 2010

RIF X Saturday.

Saturday fun day. Its a packed house and Murad is messing around on his phone. At least he's PUSHING WEIGHT...

Speaking of tees... The homie Chaz walked in with our 2 year anniversary tee on. Signed by the one and only Andre the Bum.

Saturdays Sneaker Shots

Murad un-ds'd some Slam City Skate Dunk sbs....

Karl Winslow representing half of his kind rockin some D.O.T.D. Dunks, hes actually half mexican and half black.

livestrong cartoon forces...snakeskin xi lows...

Jorge & Juan sitting a little too close to eachother.

Tae Kim rockin 1K on his feet.

HTM X Chukka Boot.

We thought Corkies were the best place to get cookies, but Karl and Murad saids different.

"SNOOKIES is the best place for cookies, hands down!" - MURAD
Simba X Janoski

Edouche X his ride

Pudge X confused.



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