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Aug 2, 2010


Today before we opened up we decided to head over to Marukai Market across the street and get an early lunch just so we can get energized for the day.

As we walked in we headed straight for the ice cream section. You cant be mad at mochi ice-cream. Its a rice cake with ice cream inside. Delicious.

Jeff decided on green tea and rice crakers. Edouche decided to mad dog a bag of chips.
Japanese oreo's and pastries.

Japanese markets have the best "munchies"

Can't ever go wrong with YAN YAN...

Forget your daily supply fruits when you can have an endless supply of fruit flavored candies.
Manny likes shrimp chips. Looks like he should be sponsored by them!

Crazy bottles with crazy soda, where you have to literally pop a ball through...
Manny decided what he wanted for lunch, some meat. (pause)
Edouche working on the new site, with the aid of ETIKLAB.(click link) Thanks Jenn for everything!
The homie "WILLY from 6th" came down today, he's always lucky enough to be at skid row when we're donating sneakers. Unfortunately, he wasn't there on Saturday so he found the shop and kindly asked if we had anything left for donations. It happened to be his lucky day because we recieved a new batch of sneakers(from all of you) for donations the day after we donated.

"Willy from 6th" X PF Flyers.
334A Clubs youngest roster:

Murad aka MUDOUCHE.


Manny was a party pooper and didn't want to expose his drivers license, but trust we'll find a way!

Junior DeLUX came through today to drop off a few steals (unkes & cg ivs) and chop it about kicks and the LA party scene. It's always nice to see you brothaaaaa

Zoom Spidirons, one of ED's grails.

Juan wanted to see if his yellow shirt matched the Lightning Pro B's...Looks like it.
Speaking of gifts, this has to be one of the best. Lakers Jersey X Budweiser. Limited to Bar and Liquor store owners only. Thanks JAE KOH your the best brooooo. We'll hang this up in our famous bathroom ;)

As the day progressed we started to get a little hungry so we decided to head to EAST Los Angeles and COPP the BEST Shrimp tacos in LA. It was a great meal to say the least.

AJ 1 Royal nevvverrrrrrrrr gets old. Hopefully Jordan Brand doesn't go crazy and come out with 50 more AJ 1s.... Always good to see the Lee bro's.

Jeff hasn't rocked AF1's in more than a year. What better AF1's to break out then HTM Croc AF1's. Shouts to DRE for lacing me up with these 2 years ago for Christmas!

GOOD people helping GOOD people.


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