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Mar 25, 2013

Spring Brizzy

The past week has been busy to say the least, not only with plenty of new releases but because a few members of the RIF team have been on a vacation for Spring Break.  Carl, Murad, and Paula all took a trip to New York city for a week.  Their trip consisted of sightseeing, networking, and the possibilities that are potentially in store for the future of RIF.

The first three nights of the trip were freezing.  The weather consisted of rain during the day and snow during the night, as you can see it was a drastic change from the perfect Southern California weather we experience at the shop every day.

Regardless of the climate change, Carl was ready to venture into the city.  Check out his fit for the NYC trip, a bit more bundled up than his normal t-shirt, jeans, and kilroy combo that he keeps in his daily rotation back home.

Paula's favorite part of the trip was playing the new Nintendo Wii U.  She was able to master this game in just 15 minutes, and beat the demo.

After Murad and Carl got tired of waiting for Paula to finish playing the Wii, the three of them finally got out and about the city, and what better way to start than in Times Square. This BUSY street scene of NY makes LA traffic look like NOTHING.  There are 10x as many people walking around as you see in the streets of DTLA.  

Their sightseeing began at Solomon R. Gugenheim Museum which is a well known art museum located in Upper East Side Manhattan.  

They saw some very rare and exquisite pieces of art, these three aren't just sneakerheads and supreme fiends, they also have a mature taste in fine art.  They saw the following three pieces of art at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).   First, Les DEmoiselles d'Avignon is an oil painting by Pablo Picasso which was painted in 1905.

Hopefully everyone recognizes this piece, Starry Night by Dutch artist Vincent Van Gough, he painted this in June of 1889.  This piece has lasted over one hundred years, yet most Nikes dont even remain WEARABLE after 9 years of age. 

Edvard Munch painted this piece entitled The Scream.

After their artistic venture in NYC, Murad and Carl decided to stop by some places that were more predictable to be at.  Below, they are posted in Flightclub New York.

They also had to stop by another popular spot in NYC, Kixclusive.  

After their first few days of hanging out in the Big Apple, it was time for Murad, Carl, and Paula to work on some business.  Do you recognize who that is!?  That's the homie Larry (@larrylove145) repping RIF LA all the way in NYC.  Talk about Good People Helping Good People, Larry personally met up with the group to give them a tour around his hometown of Harlem.  

First stop on the agenda of the tour with Larry: The Apollo Theater, which is a world famous music hall.

This past weekend RIF LA released both the Men's and Women's Atmos Air Max 1's, so what better way for the RIF team to honor this release than send some of our associates to their New York store to personally meet their NY team.  #GPHGP  

After a busy day with the homie Larry, he had to put the group onto some GOOD FOOD.  This was everyone's first time to White Castle, and it was BOMB to say the least.  As you can see: Murad, Paula, and Carl were all fiending for seconds.

The last day of their trip was definitely the most memorable for Carl, since he is a diehard New York Knicks fan and was finally able to see them in action.  Looks like he was just in luck, as Carmelo made his return from being injured to drop 21 points on the Orlando Magic.  

Here's a few random shots of the scenery of their trip, Rockefeller Center.


Rockefeller Center at night

California-like weather after the gloomy first three days

Beautiful weather Pt. 2

NYC Skyline view from Central Park

Goodmorning: Sunrise in the streets of NYC


All in all, it was a successful trip for Carl, Paula, and Murad.  They were able to experience some of the great scenery, important landmarks, and a couple of sneaker stores.  Looks like Carl is going to keep PUSHING WEIGHT until his next stint in the city that never sleeps.  

Mar 20, 2013

Part One: Spring / Summer 2013

We are proud to announce that this upcoming Saturday, March 23, we will be releasing PART ONE of our Spring/Summer 2013 Collection of RIF clothing.  I'm sure you are all familiar with some of our past slogans, Good People Helping Good People or Pushing Weight, and we always base these slogans off of our every day experiences at the shop.  Our new slogan is best applicable in this situation below, a 2011 Jordan Concord 11 box, with a Jordan Spizike label!  To keep it short and simple, there is No Trickery allowed here at RIF LA.

Interns Danny & Connor wearing two of our new shirts set to release this Saturday.  Danny is rocking a Large in the L/S RIF shirt, and Connor is wearing a Medium in the No Trickery shirt.

No Trickery / / 2013 S/S

Danny rocking the Quickstrike Red "Tiger Camo" Tee, be sure to pick yours up Saturday before we SELL OUT of this limited RIF tee.

Close up details of the Long Sleeve.  The left sleeve reads "Los Angeles" while the right sleeve reads "Reinforce."

Sobe wearing the black "Tiger Camo" tee, he is a size XL

Close up of the Black "Tiger Camo" tee

The three designs that we are dropping this Saturday

Here are all the Product Shots for the four shirts we are releasing.
First, the Quickstrike Red "Tiger Camo" tee.  This is the most limited out of any of the other pieces from part one of our Spring/Summer release, don't sleep on it because this will SELL OUT first.

No Trickery, the newest and simplest slogan by RIF.

Long Sleeve RIF shirt

Black "Tiger Camo" shirt

Be sure to stop by RIF Dos to pickup Part one of our S/S collection releasing MARCH 23, at 12 NOON.  Also, don't forget to stop by the SNEAKERPIMPS event this Saturday as well which starts at 3:00 p.m.  Have a blessed week - RIF LA

Mar 18, 2013

Why Not?

Another weekend, another sneaker release with the Air Jordan 13's "He Got Game" coming out.  This could only mean that it was going to be another chaotic BUSY weekend at the Traphouse of RIF LA.  Hopefully you all have noticed our new signs on top of both of our shops!

There's nothing better than being blessed by good people with good food.  Featured here are the fruity pebble pastries from Cafe Dulce across the street from us.  These are addicting to say the least..

The JORDAN section of the shop is filling up quick, as you can see the middle sections are filled with black boxes, which are ALL Bred 11's..  It's almost impossible to spot our Concord section which used to fill up that entire place!  

Mark your calendars, RIF will be in attendance this upcoming Saturday (March 23) at the Battle Royale, which is hosted by our good homie BEN BALLER and features a live performance by our other close friend ScHoolboy Q..  There's also going to be an NBA 2k13 tournament, so be sure to support your favorite GINGER aka Connor playing for a grand prize of 2 racks cash

Speaking of our favorite Ginger, Connor donated some of his old pants to our homie, OG.  We stay lacing him up with donation kicks and clothes, everyone be sure to keep in mind we are STILL donating shoes and clothes on a daily basis so feel free to bring your donations down to the shop!  

If you ever need to pick up some new clothes to go with your kicks you copped at RIFLA, be sure to visit the Clubhouse aka Rif Dos which is basically next door to our shoe store.  Here are some of the pieces from the recent CDG x Supreme drop from this past Thursday.

We also carry all of our Vans at the clothing store, since this style of shoe definitely goes with any of the clothing we sell here as well.  Take your pick.

Well it's about that time again, the Sneaker Shot round up of the weekend.
Bryan Battle leads us off rocking his Copper Foamposite Ones.

The homie Daylon Monette was spotted rocking some HEAT.  Mango Kobe 6's, why not?

Kenneth Gonzales came by for his weekly visit to the shop, and had to make everyone fiend his Atmos Air Max 1's, we KNOW all of our supporters have been asking us about these, and we will have them in stock HOPEFULLY by this Saturday, we will keep you updated with that release via Instagram.

Kobe 6 Grinch 

Ashton patt (@ashhcatchem) & Greg Powell (@perfectambition) dropped by to the shop, thanks for coming out and visiting us for the first time.  

RIF LA sneaker circle, what the team wore on Saturday.  All Air Jordan 1's..
Manny with his '01 Bred, Danny with his Banned 1's, Jonli rocking his Chicago 1's, and Connor with his Royal 1's..  I think it's safe to say that the team won the Sneaker Shot of the week.

Nothing shows the true spirit of Little Tokyo except this guy, he ALWAYS has a sign for us every weekend.  If the lighting was better you'd recognize him as the owner of the tokyo town rat we used on our T-shirt.  Stay tuned this week for our Lookbook featuring Part 1 of our Spring releases which come out this Saturday.  We hope you had a Happy St. Patrick's Day from the RIF team.