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Mar 12, 2013

Last but not least

It is becoming a routine that we continually mention the great PERFECT weather Little Tokyo displays week in and week out, this past weekend was certainly not an exception.  The sun was beaming all weekend with clear blue skies as we all made the switch into Daylight Savings time.  

Shoutout to the GOOD people over at Pacific Dining Car for blessing us with a FREE lunch.  It is greatly appreciated as always.  Anyone reading this you're more than welcome to do the same it would definitely make our day!  It's not every day that your whole team gets to eat chicken breast with salad or with mashed potatoes and rice while you're ON the job. #GoodPeopleHelpingGoodPeople

In case you haven't heard, we are currently selling Paid Dues tickets in store only!  Be sure to pick up your ticket before they are all gone, we have them for $76 dollars each only at RIF LA.

Everyone from RIF would like to wish a Happy Birthday to one of our regular customers, Stephane Splichal.  We hope you enjoy those Galaxy Foamposites brotha!  

We had to snap one last pic of these before they left the shop, these don't come by as often as you'd think... Don't Sleep on the DEALS we post each and every day on our website (RIF LA)

We would also like to wish a Happy Birthday to Brendon Williams, he copped the Air Jordan '88 3's.  Not a bad birthday present at all, LOL he wasn't lying about this being a creepy face

Sneaker Shots of the Weekend
Let's start off with our homie Luis rocking his DB 6's, just a casual weekend visit to the shop.

Jonathan Purser wearing his Galaxy foams

Our good friend Mike rocking his Atmos Air Max 1's, after seeing them on feet are YOU ready for what we have planned for these?? Stay tuned to our website as we keep you updated..

Intern Connor wore his favorite J's, 2001 Black Cement 3's

Last but not Least, Kenneth Gonzales truly breaking necks in these LeBron X's, did we forget to mention these are NEVER releasing? Yeah, we all had that same reaction too!

From the Good People here at RIF LA, have a good week and we'll be in touch with you soon.


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