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Mar 6, 2013


As we slowly move out of Winter and into Spring the weather has been changing pretty quickly.  This past weekend was a hot one with Friday being over 90 degrees.  It seems yet another WARM California Summer is headed our way, and it is about that time for people to start switching from their Winter wardrobe into their Summer one.  With that being said, it only meant that it was going to be yet another busy and star-studded weekend in the Traphouse of RIF LA.  Below, you can see the perfect example of NETWORKING.  HEFFE x Ben Baller x Domo Genesis

Carl always working the sales floor and making sure ALL of our customers receive A1 customer service.  His face of determination, Carl is never satisfied without making a sale, helping a customer find a shoe in their size, or helping people with online order issues.

Kilroy Carl decided to break necks this weekend and rock some Concords with his '94 Bred 1's.  Peep the Roley as well...

Continuing our tradition of RIF car shows in the infamous loading zone, we had this Porsche 911 Turbo.  Although this time it does not belong to a world famous celebrity, it did belong to a local celebrity.

The man of the hour, Kikcrazy, big chillin with Manager Manny on Saturday night.  Kik has been one of our homies for a long time now, so it's about time we show him so love on the blog!  Since he was in such a good mood, he even let Manny & Danny take a joy ride in his whip.

Here's the beginning of our Sneaker Shot recap of the weekend.  Kikcrazy starts us off with his Royal Jordan 1's, check out his custom sweatshorts he cut down from the original sweatpants.  

The legendary SHOEWOLF decided to drop by as well, and as you can see he was rocking some heat.  KD 4 Galaxies, nice to see you brotha

Here is Jackie Jin who came all the way from Anaheim, rocking the YEEZY 2's.  We love all of our supporters rocking HEAT into the shop, so next time you decide to come by RIF LA be sure to wear your favorite pair of sneakers and we'll try to put you up on the blog as well!

Now available at RIF LA:  Phoenix Suns Foamposite Ones

Just for kicks;  If you missed out on the Bred 11's this past Christmas, RIFLA has you covered.  We currently have a Full size run so be sure to stop by if you need them.  From the crew at RIF we wish you another blessed week and until next time, PEACE


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