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Feb 28, 2013

3 Hunna

While many of you know RIF LA is the go to spot for most sneakerheads in the greater Los Angeles area, we are now becoming more acquainted with our celebrity cliental. Shoutout to Young Chop (@Youngchopbeatz) and the Homie Wayne for stopping by! Real cool dudes, in case you DONT know Young Chop is one of the BEST producers today, of course Carl is keeping it 3hunna... He even asked Young Chop if he can be part of GBE... Looks like Carl is going to keep his day job.

 Derrick Williams (@DWILLVII) of the Minnesota Timberwolves has been supporting us for a while now.  He even donated some of his very own Player Exclusive shoes to the homeless a few months back.  As you can see, Kilroy Carl and Manwell are his Number 1 fans!
#GPHGP #1fans

Not only did Derrick pick up a few pairs of Jordans, he made sure his ENTIRE team was laced up as well.  Shoutout to everyone else who came through with him, we hope you ALL enjoy your kicks.  Be sure to check out Derrick's boutique as well (@VIIGRAND) via Instagram

Intern Connor and Manager Manny were caught BBS'ing on the job.  Get back to work kids

What the Dynamic Duo wore, Connor rocking his '01 Tres and Manny rocking his 2001 Bred 1's.  

Derrick couldn't decide which one was better... What would you go with?  The Black or Platinum Yeezy 2's?!

Derrick decided to keep it simple while he checked out these Blackout Jordan 5 P.E.'s.  Manny photo-bombing in the background

In honor of #ThrowbackThursday, Carl decided to put everyone on to his favorite G-Unit song... 
Thank you Derrick & crew for coming through to RIF we'll see you guys again next time you're in town.  Also, congrats on the good game against the Lakers (15pts and 8 rebounds)
Until next time, have a Blessed Friday- RIF LA


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