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Feb 1, 2013

A1 Everything

This past Thursday night the RIF traphouse crew was cordially invited to celebrate
the grand opening of Yojie Japanese Fondue's THIRD location in Diamond Bar.  Shoutout to the good people at Yojie for taking care of us, hands down they have the BEST shabu shabu so be sure to check them out.  

After taking a look at the menu, we all had a plate of The Geisha which was a nice, lean serving of beef.  A1 food and A1 service, safe to say we were treated to A1 Everything

The first thing we all noticed when we arrived.  Who's Rolls Royce Phantom was this?

None other than the good homie Ben Baller (@benballer)
It was nice to see you and chop it up brotha.  Real Recognize Real.

Since we were all in a celebratory spirit, it was only fitting we popped a bottle.  Courvoisier all around for the RIF team

As you can see, the TURNUP was real for Manager Manny and Kilroy Carl.  

Sneakershot of the day: Carl rocking his Cool Grey 4's and Manny rocking the Shadow 1's

 Good Food, Good People, Good Vibes.
Congratulations again to Yojie, it was most definitely a great grand opening party and we appreciate the food and service.  RIF will definitely be back, we appreciate it again! #GPHGP


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