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Oct 31, 2009

Ed is outta town drinking Midori Sour in San Fran.

New Era fitteds re-up (only real small sizes or real big), Black & Blue for $36 and "334A" Tees for $20.00

Big Daddy Robert showin off the new pick-ups. Lupit mo !PARE!
Lupit ng Lupit. Big Daddy Robert and anak, Jonly.
RIF loves the kids.
Robert and I devoted too much our time contrasting the poor execution of AJ retros. OGs will always strongarm these half-assed retros, but the "crumble factor" makes rockin' OGs about as fulfilling as a mailorder bride: they always look better in the box. Joklang......
Steavo showin' face.

(jack move)
Oct 30, 2009

YO SON! It's like, Halloween and stuff yo.

Marcus Rader from the Raiders is good wit the blade.
And he's good wit kids..... ladies!
............ SUPER MARIO? Why didn't they have these costumes back in the day?
Iron Man pullin' all the underage ladies.

This kid is like 18 yrs old, and he flexed his guns on me (no homo)! AND, he punked Tigger for his candy! Look at Tigger: "I thought I had at WEEST fwee more Waffy Taffy's......"
I'm the frigghin CandyMan. BOO!

You can't beat the Care Bears. I would'a rocked the baby blue joint if they made it in an Double-Extra-FatBoy size.....
Okay, there's nothing more scary than seeing the dudes who beat the crap out'a Karate Kid!! That's just gives me the chills lookin at this pic! And peep the Flower WITH the flower-pot behind him!
A Polka-Dot ghost. Now that's dope!
Hands down, this kid stole the show! (hey but Dad, go google what a REAL Storm Trooper from Chicago is. I bet you'll throw that costume in the garbage. TRUST)
Now, Bumble Bee was so funny!! He couldn't even pick up the candy because of the crazy wrist lazer-gun thingie! Classic.
"So, what are you supposed to be?".... "Um, I don't know." "Well, it's dope whatever it is!"
I felt like playin' Duck-Duck-Goose or something.....
For all yall COSTUME ASS NIGKHUS! Holler at yuh, bwoy.

-Marcus aka "CORNBREAD"
Oct 29, 2009


Watabe took us out for a early dinner before we left Japan. He took us to my favorite izakaya spot in Tokyo. Thank you Mrs. Nagakusa !!!

fresh sashima salad
Best chicken wings I ever ate! I fly down to TOKYO just for this.

bowl of cr@ck shrimp. Walnut shrimp doesn't even come close, trust.
Had some delicious Yakitori, bite-sized pieces of chicken on skewers. We had some pieces of chicken, chicken fat, and chicken heart...yum. Good thing there wasn't raw chicken this time around.
fried croquet

After our early dinner we headed back to La Avenue to say our last good byes. You never see these dudes not working, they are rarely ever outside taking a smoke break, GREAT workers.

I don't know about other shoe heads, but my first baby is already going to have a jordan collection when he/she comes out, killing all these other shoe heads!

La Avenue workers love vans, especially if its black/white. Here is SOEZ rockin some W)taps slip ons.

Watabe has good taste in vans. Hands down, my favorite sk8 his that ever came out. Ballistic Sk8 his.

When your in Japan, real takoyaki is a must. Its pretty much a ball filled with diced or whole baby octopus,tempura scraps (tenkasu), pickled ginger, and green onion, topped with okonomiyaki sauce, ponzu, mayonnaise, green laver (aonori), and katsuobushi (fish shavings). TOO BOMB.

I literally inhaled this whole thing in a matter of minutes. Makes me want to stop buying the takoyaki we have across the street from RIF.

Oct 28, 2009


On my way to my first PX store, I stumbled into another shoe store, PASSOVER. First thing that came into mind is all those rare samples this store had since back in the day, they literally had the most nike heat i've ever seen online. I came in and there wasn't anything really worth looking at, just mostly new nikes and jordans.

Finally saw these bad boys in person, too bad they were like $260+, but pretty sick in person.

They did have some random clothing and hats, but I eventually left after a couple pictures.

Me and my lady's crack out in Japan. Milk tea o so yummy, either hot or cold however you like it.

Heres the first PX megastore I visited while in Japan. Little do people know, PX-megastore is the first consignment shoe store to ever open in Japan, then La Avenue was 2nd. :)

Peep the osaka dunk, red patent uppers, featuring red embedded dots around the shoe.

remember these lol

Heres a typical picture of how your girlfriend would look like after visiting her 10th shoe store in one day. LOL
Originals all over the store!

This picture shows a typical layout of almost all shoe stores in Japan, really small, jammed with hundreds of shoes.

Thats about $135.00 in US dollars
I just had to take this picture for Edouche, makes it last longer since he hasn't been back to Japan in a minute. ENJOY LOL.
After the first PX store I hit, I was off to their 2nd location. Their second location is just 15 mins away but this time ALL consignment clothing. It stands 3 stories tall filled with all the exclusive clothing from Supreme, Nbhd, Wtaps, Fenom, Visvim, Tenderloin, etc. Still smiling on my new neighborhood jacket pick up! No photo of it, but Cali weather looks like I'll be breaking it out soon!

Anybody have any idea what these are below? Possibly some bibby samples? 9.5 though and they were about $200

Air Jordan section.