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Aug 19, 2010

1 out of 7.

Another action packed thursday here at RIF. It was like one of those days you never expect and when it ends you can just sit back and laugh about the days occurances. We not only recieved TONS of consignment shoes for your buying pleasure( size 13 heads dont SLEEP) old friends came by shared funny stories and big moves are coming into fruition...well.. here's are a few pics of thursday fun day.

Size 13 heads you will NOT be dis-appointed with todays batch. The Homie Mr. LOVE came through ALL the way from the BAY area to BLESS all you size 13 heads with some heat.

Sorry for our overseas customers (especially those in asia) but this batch of goodies is not for you this time.


Not only did we recieve size 13 HEAT but some youth/women size HEAT. So if your lady is rocking the latest SB's give her a treat and switch it up a bit with some classic NIKE heaters.

Here's the TIP of the Iceberg.
other classic AJ goodness. Forget your 09 and soon to be 2010 AJ 11 Retros...get the closest to the original...in the case of the AJ 11 Cool Grey the original...get em' while their HOT.
more AJ steals. Hit up the Webshop and search around...you might find some steals.
Speaking of steal. ALL of these AJ'1 are $70.00 or less.

Aside from all the sneaker we've been receiving ...we recieved TONS of DONATIONS for the LESS fortunate of downtown LA. Thank you to all of you that DONATED we have more than 40 pairs of donations packed up and ready to be distributed down at SKIDROW.

Here's Manny and JUAN packing everything up and getting them ready for our NEXT drop off.

Most of us INCLUDING myself have thrown shoes away... if they dont look "fresh" anymore...knowing that theirs still PLENTY of life in them. Why not give them to donations if thats TOO much trouble...drop them off at RIF and we'll take care of the rest.

Donation shoes DON'T need to be perfect. Majority of the homeless are wearing sandles, socks and even are BAREFOOT walking about. So who wouldn't take a worn pair of KOBE 1's

A few of the goodies donated by those...reading this BLOG. thank you again.
anything and everything.
Deadstock Barkley's?
The homeless epidemic not only hits adults but our YOUTH... Did you know that 1 out of 7 homeless people in america are children? link

RIF is trying to help 1 youth at a time. Size 7(Y) anyone?
more is better.
Much more.
Speaking of homeless this gentleman below was trying to sell a few stickers...instead of shunning him away from the shop we invited him in...gave him a pair of sneakers in exchange...he gave us stickers. Bartering at its finest.

1 of 1 RIF TOTE. Ed's frienddd is luckyyy
The entire day wasn't all business what would work be without a little humor and laughs.
After MONTHSSSS of Annoying Jeff for his SAMPLE Skate DECK LOW Sb's...Jeff finally got annoyed and gave into MURADS annoyance.
Murad decided that he didnt want to eat lunch for an entire MONTH so he can save up for these samples.

"cool Murad...now stop wasting your money and get bigger pants (SMH)"-manny and friends.

"GTFOutta here with that..im gonna tell you moms"- Chris

"damm dawggg...you fu$Ked up. haha"- DJ
" i give you stone face again..(asian lady voice)"- asian lady at market
" if you gonna waste that money, atleast go to BOLT for a haircut"- andre


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