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Aug 12, 2010


Everyone in Los Angeles laces Andre with tees, peep out the Archrival tee. Hes sticking his middle fingers up for all the dumb@sses that rock FAKE shoes.

After dodging camera interviews for 4 years, I finally came to realize that it couldn't be that bad to be on camera. We had the opportunity to get interviewed by NBC Channel 4 News for one of their

Camera dude had me start all over about 5 times and that was just for the intro. LOL.

I wore some classic Visvim FBTs during the whole interview.

They weren't lying when they said the camera would add 10+ Lbs on you, so when it does air just close your eyes and listen!

Are any of these babies your holygrail?

They didn't believe me when I said this case of sneaker gems can probably get you nice little brand new beamer.


We had customers wait outside till we were done with the full interview, homie George cheesin it with his homies.

UNDFTD Poorman via OLIVE colorway, clean....

The camera man who's going to make look like I'm a natural on camera, well so he saids! I trust him!

Everyone big chillen outside enjoying the beautiful Los Angeles weather. I was talking to Elaine about them possibly doing a segment on how our store and our supporters donate hundreds of shoes to the less fortunate people of Skidrow every month. Its looking good, so bring on all your sneaker donations so we can make a big drop off and get in on Channel 4 News!

This dudes jacket makes me want to get a bike!

Jonli, Prince of Carson, is literally everywhere, while he's camping out for some shoes, he'll be at every single store in Los Angeles at the same time, low key he has about 5 twins.

I'm constantly on the phone, thats why it always looks like I'm SMH(shaking my head). Alfred Bell supporting the P U S H I N G W E I G H T movement.

We are so blessed to know some of the nicest people ever and I swear we never ask for anything. After working the whole day with an empty stomach, homie Carlos brings us a tray of appetizers, artichoke dip, and a pecan pie (again)!


Thanks Carlos!

Homie Juan keeping it 100% RIF 4 LIFE. We don't go to barbershops, homies like Carlos take care of us on a weekly basis @ the shop!

Carlos will be opening up a barbershop sometime in Winter, so we'll let you know where you can get all your fresh cuts at by then. Homie Juan trying to look cute for all the ladies that look at our blog.

I'll keep everyone updated on when the interview should air!


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