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Aug 16, 2010

in conclusion. (Neisei Week)

A beautiful SUNDAY in Little Tokyo...Japanese festivites and a parade to match.

Right before we went to check the festivities we noticed some lovily Japanese Ladies giving out free energy drinks!

Ed taking advantage of the situation
Venon Energy Drinks. Mango Flavor
Black Mamba flavor tasted like berry poison.
After getting our energy drinks we headed to the Japanese Village Plaza to check out some of the festivities.

Kitty Cat Red Robe Man.

One of the perks of Having a Store here in Little Tokyo are the eclectic range of people dressing like Japanese Anime Characters.

More anime characters here for the festivites.
It was a 90 degree day here in Los Angeles, I dont know how some dress the way they do. Anything for Neisei Week.
We spotted Duck Man from afar. Manny was excited and ran and caught up with him.
After manuvering through the thick crowd...Manny finally caught up with him, can you see the resemblance?
Nurato...those aren't fake blood tears...he's really hurting carrying his lady around. SMH.
Homie Karl on the far left decided that he wanted to be part of the festivities.
Not only were people dressed in strange costumes but beautiful traditional costumes from their Japanese heritage.
We stopped buy the Japanese Toy store ...just like sneakers there are TOY fanatics..what to choose.
Bear bricks!
No cameras in the toy store. Just as this picture was taken we were kicked out of the store.

As we were walking back we noticed that chairs were already being set up in front of the shop.

Got back to the shop right in time our side of the street was already packed with chairs.
Good thing we set up the RIF Section
Nobody here yet.
Just 20minutes after the before picture was taken..streets were packed.
Here we go...parade time.
We saw this Japanese SOLDIER parading through. ITs always good to see ancestors of fallen soldiers representing.

There were even Japanese dogs in the parade.

If we ever get a shop dog its going to be one of these.
There were a bunch of ornaments and totems dedicated to Japanese culture and Japan...I wish we knew what this was.
Align Center
People camped out in front of RIF for FREE CO.JP Dunks!


I think women were KOREAN but we couldnt tell.
Japanese PINATAS?
Looked cool again we didnt know what they were parading about.
Harajuku GIRLS riding dirty in a CADDY in Little Tokyo.
Apparently the person riding in this car was the person who played ULTRA-MAN in the old Japanese show in the 70's
Here are the Little Tokyo Costume Players of Little Tokyo.
Everyone has their Hobbies. I guess dressing up in anime characters is cheaper than being a sneaker collector

I dont know if its amazing how costumes like the one show below are made or how strange it is?
Heres another shrine wishing luck for the following year.

More Pics
Kenichi MIKAWA. Apprantly this guy is SUPER Star in Japan. You can see from the pics but he's surrounded with an entourage of Armed Police Officers.

More Ladies.

RIF Luhhsss traditional Japanese ensambles.
Parade sneaker shot of the DAY.
Japanese Grandmas even get love in the Parade.

Edouche got a little hungry. Squid Skewers are amazing- Ed

Did we mention RIF Luhhs traditional Japanese Outfits.

Classic Japanese Import Cars were even present.

All Japanese everythannngggg.

Was Ed trying to get free parade goodies?
Nawwww he was bricking the basketball on one of the Parade floats.
The Last float was a buddist shrine warding off evil spirits and granting luck to those around.

People ranging off all ages carrying the shrine.
How was the parade guys? Manny and Juan approved.


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