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Aug 9, 2010

vintage mondays.

We recieve hundreds of shoes a week but we RARELY see vintage shoes. When we see a customer walk in with a vintage box we get a little excited. We are all sneaker fanatics but it gets a little tiring seeing the same SB's and Jordans day in and day out.

Today we got a little treat from a vintage sneaker collector thats slowly dissmatling his personal collection.

We know there are collectors out there that collect more than SB's so heres your chance to own a pair of NIKE history.

OG MAC ATTACK from 1986
In 1978 John Mc Enroe signed an endorsement deal with NIKE and if wasnt for his on the court antics. He probebly wouldnt be as infamous as he is today.

These shoes are deadstock and the box is even in EXCELLENT SHAPE.
MAC Attack
$14.99 last pair ended on EBAY June of last year for $995.00

You cant see from the pic, the tongue has black/royal check.
24 years later these shoes look IMMACULATE.
peep the soles, perfect tread for the tennis court!
zero creases on the toe box.

Not only did we recieve MAC ATTACKS but an Original pair of Saucony JAZZ
Even the box was made separately from the shoes at a different factory. The BOX is made in the U S of A.

Made in Taiwan.

Speaking of VINTAGE here are a few throw back photos we digged up.

Vintage (technically)NJS Vivalo Frame.
Need Jordans click here.

A few vintage photos.

Juan in his Le Baron divorcing the TOP.
Manny when he had no facial hair. MANNY X Ninja Turltle

Manny X Chris BFF's


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