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Aug 21, 2010

High Top Bully Event Re-Cap

Woke up bright and early for the High Top Bully Event, which was put together by Marlon whos a good friend of ours. We want to make it clear that this was not our event, and we are happy to support any sneaker convention/expo. But trust we plan on throwing our own event in a couple months, so stay tune because Los Angeles deserves a legit sneaker event in the heart of LA.

Got there real early and set up...

Here's one of the early bird vendors, Gerrick, who came out to sell some fresh kicks. Check out his website http://www.shoeaffliction.com

It was our first time setting up for a shoe event, so homie Jonli was giving us a few pointers, thanks meng!

We brought a variety of kicks, but mostly jordans..

The homie Gerricks table below

I see Shoe Affliction held off on a few gems this time around!

Franalations made an appearance with his heat

Lebron ochos

Sitting across from us was an upcoming line of apparel City Villains

What Juanito was wearing

Man-well's choice of shoes

Jorge's supreme trainers

Homie givin us his stank face

why hello...

Tyree creator of S'neads was in the building displaying his comic skills and ties it in with the whole shoe game.


fellow vendors...

Tell me why Conner looked super sad while looking at the shoes...


Happy camper looking at some Big Stage Kobe 5's

Little homie Derrick rockin one of the complimentary tees we gave out if you brought a past reciept in, maybe we'll do one for September!

Manny atempting to do an upskirt: FAIL (JK!)

baby shoes last forever...

hellow fellow vendor

Drew came down to check out the event and pick up some ds heinekens for $400!

After continuously saying he wanted to take a sneak at the show (and Manny) homie Carl made it out with the help of Drew

One happy kid pushing weight

Another shot of the S'neads cartoonist working at his finest

Carl's newest addition to his collection and Paula in the back working her un-ds flats

Laney 5's hella icccccy

Tiron & Ayomari did a little somethin for the show


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