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Nov 25, 2010


We will be having a small BLACK FRIDAY SALE where only a selected 250 pairs will be discounted and will only be available INSTORE. We will be opening @ 12:00 PM, so that gives you time to hit up all the other BLACK FRIDAY SALES. There are a few guidelines to follow so that you can be eligible to purchase something from our BLACK FRIDAY SALE(see details below).

We honestly can't say we have something for everyone, but we will update only 150 pairs onto the website for the 25TH to give you an idea what will be in the store, and the rest of the 100 pairs will be left for your imagination. Shoes will be backed to original price on Saturday.

This is a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis. Please read the details below so you can be eligible and more informed about our BLACK FRIDAY SALE.

Please read carefully:

1. BLACK FRIDAY items will be CASH ONLY (plus TAX).

2. We will be limiting 3 pairs per customer and we will be letting 5 people in at a time.

3. For items over $100.00, it will be mandatory to purchase 1 RIF LA t-shirt @ regular price ($24.00).


Anonymous said...

Booo what about us new yorkers lol I don't see flight club doing good stuff like rif.la that's why we need a rif.ny asapp get ed over here

Anonymous said...

this black friday sale sux.. Why the fuck do you need to buy a T-shirt after you spend $100.00 where is the sale then if you got to spend all your money back on a shirt.. WeakSauce!!!!!!!!!

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