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Aug 23, 2009


Long story short, " sorry we don't do trades, especially not for your fake unkles"

seller: " they aren't fake, I bought them from a legit guy from Craigslist and he promised they were 100% authentic.

me: " well im telling you they are 100% FAKE homie and I actually have to confiscate them because they are counterfeit "

seller: " o shit really? "

me: ( in a serious tone) " on top of that, fake shoes support terrorism, so I gotta call the cops "

seller: " o ok take them, it was from my little homie anyways "

me: " yeaaaaaa.. sure, thanks "

" don't support fake shoes " - andre!

I really don't have the right to confiscate fake shoes, but if they really believe me and are ready to give it up, then why not! If I dont try and take em, then who knows whos feet they might end up on.


Anonymous said...

You're a straight G man!! So thankful for people like you. Keep it up.

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