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Aug 5, 2009

Cinderella's new glass slippers.

We were here at work today reminiscing about classic cartoon movies. Before Shrek, Toystory etc. We all agreed that one of our favorites was Cinderella (pause) It wasnt soo much the animation, though it was ahead of its time but the underlying plot of the movie.

What other cartoon has wicked siblings punking the little sister, letting Cinderella wash drawls, clean dishes, and mop floors? Cinderella was getting straight punked, getting tricked out by her own blood. We can all relate but in the end who got the last laugh?

Such a simple yet profound story of humility, patience and resilience all wrapped up in a simple cartoon.

Remember the part of the glass slipper? We all agree that our cinderella wouldnt have some janky glass joints.
If any ladies out there can fit into these "glass slips" Ed will marry you.

Anyways... to the NEW Arrivals!

Have a nice day.


Ugly Mely said...

Oh ! very nice visvim for ladies ! like an ice cream !

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