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Aug 21, 2009

you snooz, you looze.

Jeff is the big boss hog. But what is the big boss without ma?

ANYWAYS, back to business...
Dont sleep on the web shop... we apologize if your ORDER and the shoes sell out. Don't be salty, thats the game.

Imagine 18 sneakerheads ordering the same NDS GRAPE 5's?

How many sneakerheads around the world are going to order that shoe? Your not going to be the only one. FUCK the picture requests... just ORDER that shit! F-It just order what your see, then call and ask for pics then if you dont want it... CALL US... then CANCEL your order, don't trip...customer number 2,3 4, 5,6,7... etc...has money ready to GO.

Imagine this email conversation: TRUE STORY.

Customer : "yo, you guys are shady, I ordered the @#$@% 3 am last night, WTF? F!@#2, you dudes...you dudes are shady...i just made a payment on my PLATINUM AMEX credit card and im good.. what eves. F^%$ Y$$#"

RIF: We are sorry for the inconvience, but the shoes that your ordered were previously ordered by someone that ordered before you, to compensate on your next order we will ship 2day shipping and give you a free RIF T, thank you again...and we look forward to your next order."

Customer: F*&^ you BI&^%S ...seriously you N&^%9S are shady...why you putting shoes on yo site and when I order...you say its sold out? seriously... Im RICH and have a fast car...i copped TIFs on ebay 2 days ago for only 2 bils...you N*&^*S are shady and put up shoes, then tell me its soldout...im
done. hahaha"

RIF: Again, we apologize for the inconvience, rest assure that on your next order we will be giving you 2 day priority and a free RIF T. Please follow our webshop closely."

Customer: F$^&# you N*&^%S, next time im gonna holla at my boy that lives in asia for kicks...F%$# your T. Im gonna drop my CAKE on supremes for 3 bills..ahahaha ($700)...chumps."

next time we get an email like this we ARE going to put you on blast...and since we're on a roll... if you bring FAKE kicks by the shop we will be putting your picture up.

was this guy serious?

...seriously we do our best to make everyone happy. BUT you snooz you looze.

like the old saying says...

funny animated gif


ILNOJ said...

That's fcuking hilarious.

Anonymous said...

that fool that email you guys is a douche bag, haha he even mentioned he has a fast car, like anyone cares.

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