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Sep 11, 2010


Another nice Saturday here in Los Angeles. Plenty of STEALS to be posted as well as new shoes for your collections.

If you didn't know we offer "picture requests" for used shoes on the webshop. All you need to do is click the shoes that you are interested in... and on the bottom right hand corner click the picture request tab...simple as that.


This is the camera we use for your picture requests. We've had it for more than 3 years and we use multiple cameras... but this camera has been with RIF since day one.

It even has no casing!
Shoe shots of the DAY.

Heres what Juan wore today. All blackk everyythanngg

'94 AJ 1 Too Clean. Wish I never slept on a pair for $200.00 Buyback
Alphanumeric PRO B.
Non-Patent Avenger.
Did you know AM1 Kid Robots came in a sz. 4.5
Did we mention we NEVER stop working for you. ALL day everyday.
Manny pretending to work.
All those tags equal all NEW shoes.
I walked to the back to see what Manny and Juan were doing and I caught Juan about to fall from putting in our new lights.

Never not working hard!

The homie Junior came in today with an ikea bag. We thought he brought them in for consignment... Little did we know that he brought them in to donate. What a STAND UP dude. He could have easily sold everything in the bag and made a couple hundred dollars.

But karma is worth more than a few bucks. Thanks JUNIOR!
Put it in the BAG. All of it.
Olympic 6.
Speaking of Donations
the bus-driver always giving not taking.
The Homie JB came by chatted it up a bit and discussed plans for this evening.
The Homie J- Rock rolled through to chat it up a bit about his up-coming tour. With J- Rock you know its all red everything.


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