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Sep 27, 2010

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With a high volume of FAKE sneakers making its way on to United States soil. A collector needs to be aware that he or she isn't getting DUPED into paying outrageous prices for shoes with ABSOLUTELY NO value.

For years counterfeiters have been making fake luxury goods, but what these cleaver cons are starting to realize is the sneaker collecting is an untapped-ed resource for con-ing those with no idea what shoes are real and whats fake.

MoreSB4me created a detailed Legit Check Guide for those looking to buy the re-called Freddy Kruger Dunk.

Make sure you aren't the one getting duped and if you are don't bring them to RIF or we'll cut-em up.

thanks again MoreSB4me for letting us use your legit check guide.


Freddy Kruegers are one of the most sought after pairs in today’s shoe game. It’s no wonder why fake pushers have created variants of this color way. Some fake pairs are dead giveaways and are easy to spot, however there are fake pairs look almost identical to a legit pair. This legit check guide was created in order to help tell the legit pairs from the fakes. Here are a couple of highlights in telling the difference between fakes.

1. The blood on legit pairs has a violet hue compared to the very dark color on fakes.

2. The brown lace coloring on fakes is very off from the color of the tan nubuck.

3. The “NIKE” embroidery on fakes looks the same for all sizes and is very thin/small

4. The size tags for fake pairs have the same faded font print; fakes have the same date of 07/21/07

5. The heel stitching on legit pairs is straight without any sloped discrepancies.

6. The nubuck on legit pairs has scraped marks that are distinct, where as the fake pairs scraped markings are faded and looked scanned on.

7. Shapes of fakes will be off

8.All of the “good” fakes don’t come with extra laces because a fake lace bag would be a dead giveaway. In other words, fake pushers got smarter by not including a lace bag that would be easy to spot them as being fake.

9. Paint from the midsole and sole will blend together due to poor craftsmanship.

Remember fakes will vary based on whose making them, the pictures here were of two sz 9.5s one authentic one fake. Always get shoes legit-checked before buying.


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