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Sep 2, 2010

stay gold.

Today the publisher of the Skate Book, "Stay Gold" came to the shop and kindly dropped off a book. Thanks again bro.

Although we're not skaters we appreciate well taken photos.

We especially love this photo, You remember our homie "intern Jake" we see the resemblance. Miss you homie.
We liked this photo. The picture the skater drew on the concrete look like Murad.

Dont sleep on todays new arrivals.
Team AM FAM representing.
Edouche's roomate came back from the ROTTEN APPLE and wanted to say wasssuppppp.

This is the way the Supreme Dunks are supposed to look like. Not Soo Nice and Pretty.

Supreme Dunk little brother J-ROD 1's

Did you know at one point these shoes were going for upwards of $225.00 in Japan.
Incredible Hulk Dunk Hi SB. Nice combination of different shades greens
Jeff's New Pickup. He's been getting a package at the shop everyday this entire week. Stay updated with a PICKUP Post.

The Homie Showolf won a twit pic contest held by Complex Magazine.
Shoes of the DAY. Take your Pic.

Amsterdam AM1 X Brian.


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