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Sep 28, 2010

boy I thought you knew this.

Holland represent. Here at RIF we've been noticing a steady amount of sales for EUROPE. WEEKLY shoes are being ordered and shipped to Europe SPAIN, France, Poland, Italy and Holland. We were fortunate enough to meet 2 of our loyal customers from Holland.

Nice meeting you FELLAS. Have a safe flight back.

Across the Street at ARCHRIVAL Our boys Steve and Handsome Rob chillin enjoying the LA weather.

Handsome Rob in his Fatique Bucket, We haven't seen one of these in LA for a Minute.
Weather is over bearing here in LA right now. Rob needed to wear his NATIVE Slips. Not a bad look for the hot weather and 10X better then wearing some flip-flops.
Steve rocking his VANS X Visvim caste. Hope your foot gets better STEVE.

Never gets OLD. Jeff in his 92' Huarache

A few STEALS for the Day. Dont Sleep.

Our Boy James ALWAYS hooks us UP with food. We never ask he just HOOKS it up. We've been fortunate enough to meet some of the nicest/unselfish people around . THANK YOU ALL, we're here for you.

"Good people, Helping Good People"

This was the first time a Loyal customer brought us food from the homeland. If you don't know now you know.

Soo delicious even Manny ate it!

2 by 2

Thanks again James.

Speaking of GOOD people, The homies Juan and Carlos came through to drop off not one but 2 PIES. Fresh outta the oven. WE ARE BLESSED.

German Chocolate Pie for Edouche

Nasty Pecan Pie for Jeffrey.

And to wash it down. SAGO...Perfect for the SCORCHING Cali day.

A couple of shoe shots for the day.

Beat J's always have a little more personality.

Preme Blazers, I remember having a Baker's Dozen of this particular colorway. I sold all of them to one buyer for $325 a piece. SMH

Edouche is never balanced.

Good Idea, bad timing.

RIF Homemade BAG! 1 of 1

Another pickup for Jeff. His Baby shoe collection probably murders 75% of the collections out there.

Murad Bullshitting and USUAL.

The homie JOE from RADYO came by and showed us hit newest collaboration with EMERICA.

A perfect silhouette for those looking for a casual skate/lifestyle shoe. its RADYO!


Jonli X Guy talking sneaker politics.

Jeffrey James never not working.

Your boy Ed never working... Actually He's talking with our counter parts from China :) Making Moves.

thank you again to all our CUSTOMERS.

Stay updated with the blog and if don't already know. About our YouTUBE of PICTURE BLOG then your sleeping.


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