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Sep 21, 2010


If you don't already know we started a YouTube Chanel for your viewing pleasure.

We will be updating the Youtube Channel with:

  • RIF's New Arrivals daily
  • Sample sneakers, Shoes of the Day
  • Sneaker collector interviews
  • Shop Reviews
  • Sneaker events
  • Clothing Reviews
  • and RIF Tomfoolery!
  • Overall our Future Plans and the RIF Lifestyle.

You won't be disappointed...If you are, then you can atleast have a laugh at hypebeast Murad

Make sure to subscribe to our channel to gain additional information on future releases new shipments from Japan and RIF Price down days.

IF your adding RIF on your channel list, make sure to ADD the following Channels, you definitely WON'T be disappointed.

dont sleep.


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