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Oct 13, 2010


Another action packed Wednesday. Shoes coming into the shop, shoes being sold and shipped out of the shop. But the best part of our day and any day are our homies that swing by and simply say stick around an chat it up.

Here you see two of our good homie's "2nd St Willie" and Jon Ree. Though both of them live completely different lifestyles "2nd St Willie" being homeless and Jon Ree both make their way to RIF and simply chat it up.

They didn't stay very long, Jon Ree gave "2nd St. Willie" a ride to long beach to visit his old friends. Jon REE is definitely a stand up dude.

Good to see you guys... see you soon.
Here's the bossman with Mr. Union chat it up about Japanese clothing and everything else expensive in Japan.

UNDFTD X UNION = trouble makers

Shoe heads are becoming younger and younger these day. Here's Erik D's little one... Growing up too FAST.

Speaking of "Good People Helping Good People"

Our boy Jerome (whos family owns a BBQ joint) bought some delicious BBQ.
Good seeing you Jerome.

The works ( brisket, ribs, chicken, sausage with mac and cheese and BBQ beans) AWWW MAN

We're not playing when we say we get goodies everyday. Thank you to ALL of you.

Goodies come in TWO's the homie GUY just came back from Hawaii and brought over some delicious Island Treats. Thanks GUY.

When RIF gets treats you know we give back the LOVE. Here are a few steals for you size 11 wearers.

Mork and Mindy and Hawaii's both for $125 each. Worn (excellent) condition first come first serve... Click on todays new items and you wont be disappointed.

"Good People HELPING Good People"

A few goodies.

What did we wear today?

Murad trying to be Edouche.

Rio in Number(N)ine Converse on his way back to Japan.


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