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Oct 30, 2010


Manny, Juan, and I decided to go to Undefeated La Brea for their Undefeated x K-Swiss release party.
Arrived there around 8:50ish.
Chillin' with that guy... You know who. If you don't, too bad. Haha.

Calbi Food Truck arrived just in time and we're hungry.

9 & 120?

Beef tacos & quesadilla.
The quesadilla was rearry good!

"Oh man! The quesadillas taste bomb!

Juan is busy.

Just getting started...

Went inside the store to get a drink and it was super crowded already. Everybody bumping to each other.

Booze & shoes.

J.Rocc of Stones Throw/Beat Junkies.

All 4 colorways of the Undefeated x K-Swiss - "Deuce" were on display.

Over room capacity.

A couple of sneaker shots...
Undefeated x K-Swiss - Black.

Undefeated x K-Swiss - Navy-Blue.

Undefeated x Converse Poorman Weapons - Navy Blue.

Some kind of heels... I don't know the name of it. Haha.

Manny & Juan posted.

Russell Brand?

Oh wait, that's not him... Nevermind. haha.

Beat Junkies.

Dope sweater.

More people showing up.

A pair of shoe and women. Hmm.

Almost midnight and people are still showing up.

"Players Know." Right Manny? Haha.


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