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Oct 3, 2010

The Sabbath Day.

Another action packed Sunday not only did we meet some new sneaker collectors but got re-quainted with some old friends. Some people never get to enjoy thier job, here at RIF we sometimes dread coming to work like everyone else... but by the END of the day realize that the customers we meet and friends we made make it worth opening the doors here at RIF. This is a DREAM JOB

Seeing the latest most rare sneakers pales in comparison to the conversations ABOUT the shoes, latest drops, newest releases. The irony is most of the conversations we have here at RIF begin about sneakers but never seem to end in them. The realization is that shoes/sneaker simply plays as a catalyst to friendships and bonds made here at our simple store front.

It was a pleasure to see our long time friend Simon who's a jet setter flying back and forth from here to the United Kingdom. This man was the person responsible for painting a portrait for Jeff, Ed, and Manny...and last time we saw him he was 30lbs lighter and had a neck brace. Good to see your doing well my friend, take care and we'll see you soon.

Another Stand up Dainty gentleman is our Boy GUY. One of the most humble and generous people that we know. Always giving and never receiving. If you know what type of shoes have passed through this mans hands... any shoe in our shop would seem like GR's

Good to see you GUY and see you this Tues for the meeting. Thanks for the BREW.

Speaking of giving and never taking. Your Boy JEFF. ALWAYS giving away free shoes, shirts, discounts. You know damn well Edouche wouldn't give you sheeet!

Halloween came early for these kids.

We receive goodies EVERYDAY...and we are NOT exaggerating. There is not a DAY the goes by that we are not BLESSED... given things from shoes, cloth's, food. THANK YOU ALL. We are truly blessed.

Its funny because some of the best gifts aren't bought but made like this! It was delicious. Don't worry we make the SUPER INTERNS try any homemade goodies before Jeff and Edouche eat them. Thanks again P!

BlueBerry x Chocolate Chip

Juan was in such a sweets mood that he went next door to Pink Berry

Mango x Almonds

Speaking of next door, we saw this ANIME CLUB posing, why not take a flick. They probably think we're crazy for camping out and buying hoards of shoes. Who's really crazy?

Another day here at the shop. Like they say RIF is the candy store for sneaker collectors.

Meeting of the minds. The powers collide.

GUY X Simon.

Meeting of the Korean minds. Resellers unite.

ALWAYS working.

High school re-union, nice meeting you Frankie. Enjoy those USC footballs games.

Do you see Murad in the back? He's salty no friends visit him... when you come by the shop make sure to say hi to Murad.

"State Birds" by the Hundreds.

A few sneaker shots of the DAY.

ChromeBall lows one of the best dunk lo's to come out his year.

One of the best AM1'a out and one of the best Air Jordans

Atmos Airmax 1 x CDP 3s

Remember when the DUNK craze was in it's infant stages? Around 02'

Stone Mesa Pro B was that HAVE TO HAVE DUNK. I still remember copping my at the local Finishline.

Un-dead stocking right in front of the shop. Now that's a sneaker head.

Karl is one of the nicest workers/person I have met. Not only laid back but with his OFF-humor it makes working at RIF more enjoyable.

Karl in some HEATERS..that's right. He wore these in the SHOP ALL DAY. Russell Simmons/Phat Farm exclusives.

Tiffany dunk lo SB's came out around this time 5 years ago?

Supreme Bruins. Such a clean silhouette thank GOD there is no HYPE on these shoes. I can keep buying them for less than $160.00 a pair.

WTAP Chukkas. Guess who this is?

Juan never not working...

Murad never working...

Enjoy your week and thank you again for being part of RIF. If not for all of you sneaker aficianado's big and small RIF wouldn't be here.

"Good people supporting Good People"


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