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May 1, 2012


After all the Celebrating we did over the weekend with Jeff 
for his daughter we got back to work right away. Which means 
back to helping people out, doing orders all day, and blogging . 

This guy Gentry walked away with 4 pairs of some good og 
basketball kicks. All size `13. After buying all 4 pairs he 
still stayed another 30 minutes just to make sure he wasn't
forgetting any good steals.NN

Murad Assaf making sure all the orders go out on time!
who else do you know that can pack 1 order in 5 minutes? haha jk :)

We just Received a Tweed Hi Sample, Looks like it 
was worn once very lightly, So if you see it on the site 
it should say worn (Excellent)

Speaking of Murad and him doing big things, yesterday he parked 
right in front of the store with a parking ticket all 
day just to park in the loading zone. Thats a good trick 
just hope you don't get caught doing that one day.

Supreme Supreme Supreme!!!

Supreme Trainer sample! Can't believe no one has 
bought it yet.

What Murad Wore.
Fragment X Undftd Converse.

What Ed Wore.
Missoni Converse.

What murad said after i told him to take a 
picture of my shoes. I get it you're rude!

What Manwell Wore.
Air Flow.
After taking all these pics i decided to go to this Deli thats on 1st street.
They have some of the best Sandwiches around here.
I personally always get the pastrami.  

While I was walking to the deli had to take a picture of Illest.
Make sure to stop by after you buy a few kicks at RIF!

While i was waiting for the light to turn green and 
i can actually walk across the street I noticed like 4 helicopters in the air.

Not really sure what was going on but I heard there was
a lot of traffic In Downtown.  

NON Factory.

I love the 1$ Sweet tea at McDonalds. 

Finally arrived at Mike's Deli. Make sure to swing by.
Trust me, you wont regret it. Its located on 1st and San Pedro.

A+++ Bro bro!

There Chips Selection is on point!!!

The Menu! Prices are really good too!

Sodas, Water, and Juice.
After them looking at me weird, I Placed my order and left.
People there are really nice, good customer service.

Got our order back to the Shop.

What in the world is that?? :0

This is what me and Jeff Split. Heart Attack much?

How many people are going to try to get these?
They look pretty dope in person. Blue laces only please Carlos!

This track was on repeat for about an hour at the shop.


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