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Apr 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Shayla Rae

Happy birthday to Shayla Rae Malabanan. Yesterday we celebrated her birthday 
at Heritage park. Everyone was there, a lot of Jeff's family and friends. 
Since there was so many at the park to celebrate her birthday, there was a ton of 
delicious food. On the behalf of Jeff he would like to Thank everyone who
came by to wish Shayla A happy birthday!

Make a wish Shayla!!
Jeff happy as can be with Kaye and Shayla.
As you can see Ed was pretty happy as well.
Murad doesn't look to comfortable. LOL.
Waiting for the Pinata. The RIF Table.
Group picture with Ed, Lennard, Ian, Jen, Kaye Shayla, and paula.
Look at ed's face ?

Baby Shayla Posing for the camera in her addidas sweater.

The Big 1 Pinata. 
No one knew but Jeff put 150$ inside of it.
Everyone took a swing at it even Murad but he wasn't strong enough to brake it.

After everyone tried to brake it, the one and only Jeffrey Malabanan Cracked it open!

Portos Cake for the birthday girl, Hope there is some left overs:)
Lennard, Ian, Ed, and Murad big chillen'

Jeff and Kaye were taking pictures all day. 

Tantum Zee and Manwell.

So after all the food and cake that we ate kind of settled 
we all decided to play some ball since we were at the park already.
We were sitting at the RIF table trying to gather up the teams.

After all the talk at the table we took to the courts!
Everyone was shooting around even Ed.

What Ed Wore to ball up. LV Dons.

Look at the form that Ed has, he said he use to study Michael's SHOT.

We were out there!

Everyone watching Manwell Practice his shot.

After the RIF warm up We got down to it. 
It was 3 on 3. With 15$ on the line.

Ed was just an announcer through out the Game.
Ian kept scoring on Carl.  

Murad's Face after Ian shot right over Carl.

Yeezy Ed.

This is the picture of two winners!!
Me and carl didn't lose one game.
We came out on top with 15$ FOR GAS since everyone knows how 
expensive gas is right now.


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