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Apr 16, 2012


So this past weekend was pretty busy a lot of people came by since we dropped our new hoodies and new crew necks. There was person that stood out due to the fact that he was extremely tall and we confirmed it was Jalen rose. I'm sure we all remember him from Fab 5 in Michigan, also from the Indiana Pacers. He swung by bought a few pairs of kicks for him and his nephew. Few people we're asking for pictures outside the shop before he came inside . One kid even started break dancing for him lol.

Unfortunately he was in a hurry so we apologize for the blurry picture. Lurking much in the back?You can usually catch him on ESPN now.

Domo from OF swung by to scoop up all of our new hoodies and crews!

Since it was my birthday yesterday Angela from Las Vegas came down to wish me a happy birthday and choke me out?

Murad finally got his pair of Galaxy Foamposite for only 280$ He went from sample king to Foam dome .

Can't ever go wrong with simple black and white Chuck Taylors.

Ed telling Murad how lucky he is for getting those foams for so cheap, Murad was really surprised with that steal too.

Homie Jayson wearing Syndicate Old school.
Pushing Weight of Course!
Tantum Zee swung by to show us his new upcoming designs and chopped it up for a while .

While Jeff continues to drink all that coffee, Murad and I are on our Jarritos swag haha!

Grapefruit, and pineapple for Murad.


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