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Apr 20, 2012

At The Same Damn Time.

So earlier in the week you guys saw me post the used motor-sport 5s that were a sz 6.5y.
Who would've known that we were going to get a Brand new sz 12 in-store . 
So now we have a Youth size and an adult size at the Same damn time!

As  you can see SHOEWOLF was interested in it immediately. 
He even took a couple pictures for his instagram. The caption read " My next Cop" Hopefully 
he comes by and picks it up, I've never seen a size 12 . 
 What WOLF wore (WWW.)

 My Face after I saw the price of the motor-sport 5's :0
 Carl's Newest pick up, Bapes making a come back??
 Random W)TAPS SK8 Hi.

Random Steals...
9.5 Black cement Oregon Duck 3's . Quality and details on this shoe was ridiculous.   
 LeBron 9 Fairfax P.E.

Twin day at RIF LA!
Here are our newest Crew neck sweaters/ Hoodies. 
Crew necks are 48$ and Hoodies 54$
When ever you get time swing by and get your self one. 

New Arrivals !
We will be Changing this sign A$AP, MONDAYS we will be closed at 5:00 pm.
Syndicate authentic Jason dill, Murad's newest cop. Not really sure how i would wear these but they're okay if the SB SAMPLE KING says so! haha!
But of course you need Comfortable socks. 


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